Kiwanis Motto: Serving the Children of the World
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Grady Jolly
Doug Williamson
Bill Chaney
Hillary Moore
Guinn Smith
Tommy Williams
Nancy Miller
Kirby Leeson
Ken Poyner
Henry McGinty
Carolyn Fudge
President Elect
Immed. Past President
Assistant Secretary
Administrative Secretary

Bob Christian Cindy Burleson Bedford Furr Jerry Carter
Bob Hayes Margaret Hoogsrta Lee Hagelstein Jim Jennings
Clinton Nix Len Johnson Benny Turney Don Mattingly
  • The new officers were properly inducted by Dr. John Stevens, Lt. Gov. of District 35. John is always a delight to have on any program. For Make a Difference Day our paint crew, led by Zelma Wade, painted cow pens at the Expo Center.
  • Kiwanian Bailey Choate was named Christian Homes Humanitarian of the Year.
  • By November 3 Bob Christian reported that already they had 13 Interclubs.
  • The Governor's Official visit to Division 35 was held on November 10 at Briarstone. Bailey Choate organized the event.
  • Sid Pass celebrated his 90th birthday on November 17, 1994.
  • Vice President Tommy Williams has moved to Odessa and has left the position of Vice President open. Dr.Bob Christian was voted to fill that position. Don Riddle was elected to take Bob's place as a director.
  • Fourteen Kiwanians went to Abilene State School and sponsored two parties which 67 residents attended. Jim Jennings and Zelma Wade were the leaders.
  • The Briarstone Ladies received a Christmas gift of $813.26.
  • The Valentine Banquet was held at Briarstone on Feb. 14. Randy Taylor demonstrated his magical abilities. Garnet Gracy presented the Kiwanian of the Year to Past President and big Pancake Day organizer and worker John Dunn.
  • The Club voted to increase the club dues from $30. to $33. monthly.
  • Director Cindy Burleson had to resign because of change of employment. Clarence Presswood was elected to replace her.
  • Pancake Sales kicked off on March 1. using the MASH theme. Billy Clay ended up being the top salesman with a total of $3,519.70 in sales. Gross sales $36,500.00 net profit $28,600.
  • The Clubs of Division 35 held a CLEW (Community Leadership Workshop) at Abilene Christian University with over 100 students attending. Leon Reese, Division Chairman of the Sophomore of the Year, committee headed it up with a group of fine speakers.
  • Abilene Golden K Club has merged with Key City Club raising its membership to 78 members.
  • Bailey Choate and a group from the club took $1500 donated by the club members to the District Governor in Waco as our gift to those who suffered in the Oklahoma City Bombing.
  • On May 4 the Kiwanis Club of Abilene Foundation has $65,595.96 invested and earning money for scholarships and other special needs. A goal of $100,000 is being pushed.
  • Twenty four Kiwanians donated 200 volunteer hours at the Western Heritage Classic. Zelma Wade reported that it was hot out there.
  • Van Boozer was named as Lay Person of the Year for Division 35 by Lt. Go. John Stevens on June 7.
  • The club donated $4,136.52 to the Children's Miracle Network which benefits our own Hendrick Medical Center.
  • Past President and the 1994-95 Kiwanian of the Year recipient John Dunn and Kiwanian Mac Carnohan passed away early in August. They were great Kiwanians.
  • Rotarian Harry Tredennick was named as the Community Lay Person of the Year by Division 35 and presented with a plaque by Lt. Gov. John Stevens on August 27.
  • Teams were organized to Round Up New Members on Aug. 30. The goal for Division 35 is to have 65 mew Kiwanians by Oct. 25 when there will be a combined Division Meeting and induction of new members. Bailey Choate is arranging for distinguished Kiwanians to be there.
  • The year ended with a great push to get new Kiwanians.

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