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C L U B     O F F I C E R S
Jeff Goodin
Melvin Martin
Scott Fletcher
Mike Singleton
Jud Powell
Keith Garner
Kirby Leeson
Henry McGinty
Roy Lewis
Debbie Loving
President Elect
Immed. Past President
Assistant Secretary
Admnistrative Secretary

John Dunn Mike Singleton Norman Naill James McMillon
Roy Lewis Walter Pfeifer Grady Jolly Earl Williams
  • The new officers were installed by Division 35 Lt. Gov. Cleve Cullers after which President Jeff Goodin outlined his goals for the next 12 months. These goals are spelled out in Volumes 3, 4 and 5 of the 1986-87 Kiwanigram. Ron Keener is the new editor of the Kiwanigram.
  • Phil Gramm was the speaker on Oct.22 at which time he spoke on the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings act which places binding constraints on federal spending so as to balance the budget by 1991.
  • This year's Major Emphasis theme for Kiwanis International is "Make Miracles Happen".
  • Congressman Charles Stenholm again addressed the club in connection with Farm City Week celebration at Highland Church of Christ.
  • The Kiwanis Club of Abilene Foundation has $21,712.13 in its principal account. The goal for this year is to raise this amount to $25,000. As of Aug. 31, 1987 the total was $24,237.46.
  • The Club meeting was held at the Abilene State School Chapel at 12:00 noon on Tuesday, Dec. 23. Supt. Bill Waddill was the speaker. After the meeting the club members presented gifts to residents of two dorms and assisted with their Christmas Party.
  • The Kiwanigram editor ran a column called Rorrim Swen each week that highlighted the different community positions in which our club members were serving. Kiwanian's service to Abilene is great.
  • Twenty one individuals gave 35 units at the Kiwanis Blood Drive.
  • The Founder's Day program honored Jim Jennings on Feb. 18. It was a big day for Jim as he was honored and recognized for the great service he has given Kiwanis over many years.
  • Scott Fletcher was the Chairman of the Ladies Night Banquet which was held on Feb.12. Legion of Honor certificates were presented and Ron Keener was honored by being awarded the Kiwanian of the Year.
  • Pancake Supper ticket sales Kick-off was on March 4. The club was divided into baseball leagues, The American and National. The goal is to sell $1 more than last year. Jud Powell is the Chairman of the Pancake Supper for the second year in a row. Keith Garner is the ticket sales chairman with Wes Speights assisting. John Dunn is the floor manager. Placemat sales added $1900 to the supper income. Gross income $30,588.63. Goal: $26,580.50; Served: 7,396. Expenses: $8,981.16. Net income of $21,632.47 an increase of $3,500 over last year.
  • Media Appreciation Day was a highlight when members of the news media were recognized and thanked for their part in making the Pancake Supper a great success.
  • W. H."Blue" Denham was made an honorary member of the club.
  • Texas-Oklahoma District Governor Pappy Rawlins visited Division 35 on March 11. At the banquet in his honor, Bailey Choate was presented the Hixon Award from the Kiwanis International Foundation.
  • Larry McMillon and Dr. George Knight headed the committee to honor the top Vocational Students and top graduating students in Abilene high schools.
  • The Education Committee has an article about the operation of the club in each issue of the Kiwanigram.
  • We reached $92,081.30 in gumball receipts.
  • President Jeff Goodin, President Elect Melvin Martin, Jud Powell and Chris Carnohan attended the International Convention in Washington, DC. There, International delegates voted to change the by-laws so to invite and induct women as members. Dr. Paula Windham and Nancy Miller were the first to be inducted into the Kiwanis Club of Abilene on Sept.16, 1987.
  • The club paid the 3rd installment of $2500 to the Salvation Army bringing the total of $7500 paid for their building program.
  • Mary Adams, the first student the club has sponsored with scholarships from freshman year to graduation, graduated on Aug.15. She was the first student to receive help from the Kiwanis Foundation.
  • Fifty one new members were inducted in 1986-87.

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