Kiwanis Motto: Serving the Children of the World
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C L U B     O F F I C E R S
Russell Berry
John Womble
Walter Pfeifer.
Keith Garner
Richard Bigelow
H. Bedford Furr
Kirby Leeson
Henry McGinty
Nelda Pasco
Darrell Wood
President Elect
Immed. Past President
Admnistrative Secretary
Kiwanigram Editor

Mike Singleton Van Boozer James Greer A. E. Fogle
Jack Harkin Ron Keener Lindell Harris J. C. McCurdy
  • Lt. Gov. Bill Baxter, our own member, installed the new officers. President Berry outlined his emphasis on involvement. Our new members will be "initiated" with involvement in the first five months in our club. The first month they will be assigned to the Reception Committee. They will also be placed temporarily on the Membership Committee until they have recruited a new member. The second month they will be assigned to the Meals on Wheels committee where they will be involved at least one Friday in service to our needy. The third month Bob Cluck will contact them to give of themselves through a pint of blood in belalf of the Kiwanis Club of Abilene. The fourth month their involvement will be with the Inter-Club Committee where they will get an experience in fellowship with other clubs and our own club members. The fifth month President Berry will contact them and work with them in their assignment to a perminent committee. Serving Meals on Wheels is really getting to be a service of the Kiwanis Club of Abilene. Paul Sorrels is the Committee Chairman. A different Kiwanian is chosen each month to secure volunteers to work for that month.
  • The Board of Directors recommended increasing the dues from $20 to $22 per month. The membership approved this on Nov. 28.
  • Walter Pfeifer has formed a Kiwanis Speakers Bureau where Kiwanians who have an interesting program are available to other Kiwanis Clubs in the Division as well as other groups that are searching fo interesting programs. He has recruited several from our club.
  • A total of 60 new locations for Gumball manhines were secured in the current drive. Marcus Anderson found 22 new locations.
  • Membership goal to get 64 new members by Feb.9. Norman Naill, Chrm.
  • Reba Chapman, wife of Bert gave him and Jim Jennings Life Memberships in Kiwanis International as Christmas gifts.
  • Melvin Martin, Chr. Boys & Girls Committee, made a special presentation of a gym set to Sammy Juarez to help him exercise and strengthen his back, arms and legs. Sammy was injured in an accident at N 3rd and Pine in March 1983. He has made remarkable progress in his rehabilitation.
  • As of Jan. 16, we have $15,222 in the corpus of our Foundation.
  • The 64th Annual Ladies Night Banquet was held on Feb. 14 at Briarstone with more than 200 in attendance. Special guests in attendance were Gov.-Elect. Wlson Foreman, Past Gov. Marvin Sapaugh, and Past Lt. Gov. John Graham. Special honor was given to the widows of several Kiwanians of our club. Club Secretary, Henry McGinty, was named as Kiwanian of the Year with presentation of a plaque by Norman Naill, recipient of the award for 1983-84.
  • BERT CHAPMAN MEMORIAL PANCAKE SUPPER Since Bert Chapman died on March 16, the supper was dedicated to his memory and to all that he had done for Kiwanis. The Pancake Supper leaders this year are: Ron Keener, general chairman, John Dunn floor manager, Scott Fletcher, asst. floor manager, Keith Garner and Jeff Goodin, Co-chairmen, ticket sales. It is scheduled for April 9. Tickets sell for $2.50 or $3.00 at the door. Those who sold $75 or more were recognized in the Kiwanigram. Gross ticket sales: $24,480,25; $1,035.25 more than last year.
  • Darrel W. Wood had to resign as Kiwanigram editor and Raymond Kresha assumed the responsibility of Kiwanigram editor June 5.
  • The Board and Membership voted to donate to the Salvation Army Building Fund the sum of $5000 to be paid in 2 installmemts, one this year and one next year. Because of the two year installment plan, it had to be and was approved by the club membership.
  • Col Alan Rogers spoke to the club on July 3 and outlined the plans for accepting the first B-1B at Dyess on June 29th.
  • President-Elect John Womble has resigned from the club to take a position with Baylor University. The membership of the club elected Keith Garner to the position of President-Elect, and he will serve as President 1985-86. Jeff Goodin was elected to be the President- Elect for 1985-86 and President 1986-87. Mike Singleton was elected to be Vice President.
  • Debbie Loving became the Administrative Secretary on Aug. 1 as the result of the resignation of Nelda Wallace who is going to Germany to be with her husband.
  • President Berry had published on Sept. 23 the Service Account expenditures which amounted to $25,075.61

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