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C L U B     O F F I C E R S
Dr. H. Bedford Furr
Russell Berry
Leonard Johnson
Earl Williams
John Wombler
Kirby Leeson
Ron Keener
Henry McGinty
Nelda Pasco
Darrell Wood
President Elect
Immed. Past President
Admnistrative Secretary
Kiwanigram Editor

John Bunch Keith Garner George Knight Norman Naill
James Greer Charlie Orren Walter Pfeifer Mike Singleton
  • The 1982-83 club year came to a halt on Sept. 30 with a RON KEENER DAY. Ron was honored by Mayor Elbert Hall, and a slide presentation showing the accomplishments of the club during Ron's administration, presenting him with a bound volume of the year's Kiwanigrams, a plaque, a $100 donation to Kiwanis International Foundation in his name and a suit of clothes. Walter Pfeifer was named the Kiwanian of the Year for 1982-83. Marvin Sapaugh, Texas-Oklahoma District Governor officially installed the new Officers and Directors on October 5.
  • Len Johnson reported that the Board of Directors had voted to contribute $5000 to the Clive Pierce Memorial Fund with $2500 to be paid now and the balance to be paid after the next Pancake Supper.
  • The Club sponsored a "Good Turn for Goodwill" where we conducted the first annual material drive for the program. An estimated 5500 bags were picked filled with items to be used.
  • The Kiwanis Club of Abilene Foundation,Inc has been reactivated and applied for an amended Charter through the Secretary of State's office. The original Foundation was established to provide funds for the Minter Park Project in 1974. The Clive Pierce Memorial Fund is being administered by this Foundation with current assets at more than $9000. A news conference promoting the Foundation was held on Nov. 4.
  • The Annual Ladies Night Valentine Banquet was held Feb. 14, 1983 at Briarstone Manor. The program was a special recognition of our ladies with lots of music and drawing of gifts for more than 30 ladies. It was an outstanding social evening enjoyed by more than 251 Kiwanians and guests. Norman Nail honored as Kiwanian of Year 1983-84.
  • Chuck Moser, legendary coach and former member of this club came back to be the guest speaker for the Annual Kiwanis Pancake Supper Ticket Sales Kick-off on March 7,1984. April 10 is the big day. John Dunn is the Pancake Chairman. Norman Naill is the Ticket Sales Chairman. Each member received a packet of 47 tickets (7 green and 40 yellow). Members are to sell their green ones first for Clive and turn in the $17.50 by March 14, then sell the other 40 for themselves. The second week reports showed $10,226 had been turned in. Ruth Pierce sold tickets worth $410. Total sales $23,152.80. First time ever over $20,000. Net profit over $18,000.
  • Earl Williams, Gum-ball Chairman, presented a check in the amount of $293.34 for the month of April. This brings the total in come to date to $74,759.97
  • Members of the club volunteer to help distribute commodities at the Coliseum. Mike Dickey reported 20 members helped distribute 75,000 pounds of commodities to 2,000 needy families. Assisting were Boy Scouts and Boys Ranch residents.
  • H. Ross Perot spoke to the club membership on May 30. He came as Chairman of the Select Committee on Public Education. He says we need to operate education as a business. He recommends some major changes.
  • The Membership Drive is in high gear. Seventy five new members were inducted.
  • Six club members went to the Kiwanis International Meeting in Phoenix. They were Russell Berry, Jerry Emmons, Kirby Leeson, Mel Coltharp, Bailey Choate and Bedford Furr. It was reported that for the first time in 22 years membership world wide increased rather than decreased. The delegates voted overwhelmingly to exclude women from membership in Kiwanis.
  • Walter Pfeifer has developed a Kiwanis Education Center focusing on the theme, "Learning to Serve." The center consists of approximately 200 audiocassette tapes on a wide range of interesting subjects.
  • The club met its membership goal of 300 members on August 8. This club continues to be the largest club in the district.
  • The Kiwanigram received the 1st place award at the Texas-Oklahoma District Convention in Austin on Aug 2-4.
  • Bert Chapman Day was an outstanding recognition of the great services Bert has given to Kiwanis and to his whole community. He was recognized by church leaders, politicians, educators, and friends. $2,000 was donated to the Kiwanis Foundation to honor him.
  • Year end membership 305. Bedford Furr is a distinguished president.

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