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C L U B     O F F I C E R S
Kenneth E. Biggs
Norman E. C. Naill
James McMillon
Charles Orren
John Womble
Kirby Leeson
S. E. Pass
Walter H. Ott
President Elect
Secretary & Asst. Treasurer
Immed. Past President

Garvin Beauchamp Robert E. Hitt Van M. Boozer Allison Koonce
Stanley Whisenhunt Richard Petree Robert E. Joy James Greer
  • Lt. Gov. Joe Marshall installed the new officers and directors. Joe is a member of the faculty at ACU and a member of the Greater Abilene Club. President Biggs issued a challenge of a new member each week for a total of 52 new members by Sept. 30, 1980. Dr. H. Bedford Furr was the first new member in 1979-80. The Club Directory was prepared and ready for distribution on the first day of the new Kiwanis Year, October 3.
  • Oct. 17 was the Ed Wishcamper Roast where he was thoroughly roasted by his friends in Kiwanis and elsewhere. Jim Griggs was Chairman of the day and John Stevens, Raymond McDaniel, Jim Tittle, Fred Lee Hughes, and Clive Pierce proceeded to make stinging remarks about the "dishonored victim.
  • November 14 is the date the Gum Ball Campaign kicked off under the leadership of Ron Keener. At the present time there are over 1000 machines in operation, and the goal is to locate an additional 200. Earl Williams stated that as of this date the club has received a total of $56,056.21 from the machines. Nib Shaw reported that all these pennies laid edge to edge they would extend 65.53 miles. A total of 116 locations has been secured.
  • Kiwanis City- Farm Week, a major activity of Kiwanis International was appropriately celebrated with a program arranged by H. C. Stanley and Joe Wilson, County Agent. Herman A. Propst was the speaker.
  • On Jan. 1, the cost of meals at the Windsor increased from $3.60 to $4.00. The monthly dues were increased from $15.00 per month to $18.00. Guest meals are $4.00.
  • Those who helped Raymond McDaniel, Jr. write the Goodfellow script had a chance to watch the Cowboys play football on the TV he furnished at the Coca Cola Building.
  • On Dec 31 we had 231 members, an increase over the 229 we ended the Kiwanis year on Sept. 30. We have deleted 8 members and added 10.
  • The 24 Past Presidents of Kiwanis Clubs were recognized at a special club meeting on Jan. 23. Twelve of these men were presidents of this club. Our organization date is Feb. 9, 1921.
  • The Annual Ladies Night on Feb, 12 at Briarstone had as its theme "The Magic of Love". President-elect, Norman Naill is in charge of the entertainment which is the magic performance by Lonnie Chevrie. Van Boozer was named as the Kiwanian of the Year. Legion of Honor Awards were presented to seven Kiwanians.
  • The International Theme for this year is "Build Together".
  • The Pancake Supper plans are fitting together for April 15. Job assignments have been assigned. Clive Pierce is General Chairman. Norman Naill, ticket sales and Ron Keener publicity. A big ticket sales campaign is underway under the leadership of Van Boozer, Bedford Furr, Bob Hitt and J. B. Jordan. It was promoted in all clubs in Division 35 by Pres. Kenny Biggs and Ron Keener. Tickets are $2.00. Clive Pierce from his hospital bed sold 219 tickets. Gross sales: $14,932.00
  • The "Round Tuit" campaign kicked off to recruit new members. Each member was given a "Round Tuit" wooden medalion to carry in his pocket to remind himself to get a new member. On April 16 eleven new members were inducted which brought our membersship to 237, the largest club in Tex-Ok District. The team that recruited the most members got to eat steak and the other team got to eat pinto beans on June 4, 1980.
  • Bill Williams continues to be a faithful song leader.
  • Kiwanians Biggs, Naill, Chapman, Jennings and their wives went to Anaheim, CA to attend the Kiwanis International Convention June 21.
  • A group of Kiwanians from our club helped organize a club in Cisco. Tex-Ok District Gov. presented charter on July 8.
  • We donated $1300 for air conditioning at Boys Ranch.
  • President-elect Norman Naill is putting next year in focus. There are 5-Wednesday months. He plans on having a Kiwanis Education program on four of these Wednesdays.
  • On Oct 1 the New Member Fee was increased from $15 to $20.
  • District Convention was in Oklahoma City July 30-Aug. 1.
  • We have had 79 Inter-Clubs this year. We ended year with 235 with 51 new inductees and 44 deletions.

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