Kiwanis Motto: Serving the Children of the World
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C L U B     O F F I C E R S
Bradford E. Helbert
J. B. Jordan, Jr.
Larry Holmes
N. L. "Nick" Nicholson
Joe T. Russey
Kirby Leeson
S. E. Pass
Secretary & Asst. Treasurer
Van M. Boozer
Immediate Past President

Dan FarmerRoy Coffman Robert Hitt Donald McDonald, Jr.
Bill Landers Lee Pinkerton John Womble Robert H. Niemann

  • This is the year Division 35 becomes a part of the Texas-Oklahoma District. Marvin Sapaugh, a former member of this club and now a member of the South Abilene Club is the new Lt. Governor for Division 35. The clubs in Brownwood, Coleman, San Angelo, Brady, and Comanche remain in Division 12. Division 35 is made up of clubs in Abilene, Sweetwater, and Anson.
  • The new officers and directors were installed on October 2, 1974 by Lt. Gov. Marvin Sapaugh at the regular meeting at the Hotel Windsor.
  • On November 14, District Governor, Tom Duncan visited the new Division 35. Governor Duncan is a most unusual Kiwanian. He is a member of the White Rock, Dallas club where he has served as president, has 21 years perfect attendance, graduate S.M.U. , insurance man, Scout leader, and Lt. Gov. Division 28. Following high school graduation he entered military. While awaiting to report to O.C.S. he was stricken with polio and spent his 21st birthday in an iron lung. He physically has never recovered and operates from a wheel chair, but mentally he has achieved great things. The Governor's Banquet was held at the Student Center at A. C. C. Two hundred Kiwanians from Division 35 attended. It is the Governor's goal to double the K-O Foundation from $50,000 to $100,000 this year.
  • The Lt. Governor's Day for our club was Dec. 4. and Lt. Gov. Marvin Sapaugh made his official visit. His visit was highlighted with the sad circumstances related to the death of Governor Tom Duncan on December 1 while attending the Fall Leadership Rally II in Herford, Texas.
  • The special "milk bottle" collection is changed from Abilene Boys Ranch Fund to that of Boys Ranch-Girls Home Fund.
  • December 4. Work has started on the Minter Park Project. On July 16,1975 a total of $30,496 had been received for the park fund.
  • Jack Kitts, who owns and operates the concession stand in the lobby of the First National Bank became the 8th new member. Jack is the first blind man to become a member of this club. He wants a gum ball machine in his place of business.
  • Andy Waters, was chosen on December 7 as the new Texas-Oklahoma District Governor to fill the unexpired term of deceased Tom Duncan.
  • Monthly dues were raised to $13.50 because of the increase in meal costs by the hotel on March 1. Guest meals charged to host $2.75. The Board voted to notify District office that our club favors the division of the Tex-Okla District into Texas District and Oklahoma District.
  • The Valentine Banquet was held on February 14 at the McGlothlin Campus Center, A.C.C. with 185 in attendance. Jerome Vannoy is Kiwanian of the Year. Joe Smith, long time Kiwanian who died December 18 was memorialized.
  • The Pancake Supper Project kicked off on Mar. 5. Bill Webb is the General Chairman, with Richard Dillard and John Womble as ticket pushers.Gross ticket sales $7329.
  • Kiwanis International Convention in Atlanta, June 22-25 attracted M/M Brad Helbert, M/M J. B. Jordan, Jr., M/M Walter Ott, M/M Doug Brodie and M/M Kirby Leeson to attend.
  • The Gum Ball Machine Location campaign netted a total of 200 new locations. John Dunn is the drive chairman.
  • Seven Kiwanians, Brad Helbert, Raymond McDaniel, Jr, Bert Chapman, Nib Shaw, J. B. Jordan, and Bob Niemann met to evaluate the Pancake Supper for 1976 and to develop some guidelines of operation. It was concluded that the Board of Directors should have closer supervision of the plans and promotion; that the General chairman should report monthly on progress; that the incoming President-Elect shall be responsible for appointing the Chairmen (general and ticket sales).
  • Texas-Oklahoma District Convention was held in Brownsville.
  • A total of 104 Kiwanians and 10 guests registered at the United Fund Luncheon which the club has participated in for several years.

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