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Garvin V. BeauchampPresident
James E. BaileyVice President
Robert E. .Bob. HittVice President
Jerome D. VannoyVice President
Ed N. WishcamperImmediate Past President
Burl KingTreasurer
Sid E. PassSecretary
John H. FielderDirector
W. H. AvingerDirector
A. E. FogleDirector
Robt. E. BurgessDirector
James H. GriggsDirector
Bert ChapmanDirector
Ed PaynterDirector
Lee B. PinkertonDirector
  • Lt. Gov. Wallace Moritz of San Angelo installed the officers for the new year.
  • Nib Shaw and his Golden Anniversary Committee made up of Bert Chapman, Garvin Beauchamp, Jerome Vannoy, Sid Pass, Henry McGinty, and Neil Daniel met to continue making plans for the Club's 50th anniversary observance in 1971.
  • Operation Drug Alert is the major new movement being undertaken by Kiwanis for the year 1969-70. A 16 page booklet entitled "Deciding About Drugs has been published for use with the educational endeavor. A special task force has been organized in our club to coordinate the O.D.A. program. The four Kiwanis Clubs in Abilene will work together to accomplish our goals.
  • The Vocational Guidance Committee published an AREA COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP DIRECTORY for the use of the counselors in the high schools. It has been received with much enthusiasm. It was started in 1968 and has been updated.
  • Abilene State School was appropriated $100 for the annual Christmas party. Code of Ethics Plaques were purchased to be presented to every new member. The usual $200 was approved to kick off the Goodfellow campaign at Thanksgiving time.
  • The Program Committee this year is made up of Dr. Joe Humphrey, Chairman. Garvin Beauchamp, Ed Wishcamper, Neil Daniel, J. C. McCurdy, Jack Dean, and John Fielder.
  • The New Member Honor Roll continues to be published in the Kiwanigram.
  • Bill Williams continues to lead the singing as he has now done for several years. Bill is the Asst. Supt. At Abilene State School.
  • The nearly 1000 bumper stickers stating "AMERICA, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT" have sold out fast says Van Boozer, Chairman of the Public & Business Affairs Committee. These stickers sold for 5 for $1.00.
  • Joe Reed, Manager of the Windsor Hotel notified the club that meal prices will increase from $2.00 to $2.25 as of Feb. 1, 1970.
  • Maurice Hufstedler and his family printed, assembled, and bound the 1969-70 club directory.
  • Because The Windsor Hotel has raised the price of meals, the Board agreed to met at Mack Eplen's Cafeteria on Feb. 5, with board member purchasing his own meal. This will save $60 per month which will save enough so the monthly dues will not have to be increased.
  • Because of the increase in meal costs there were no provisions for favors for the lady guests at the Valentine's Day celebration.
  • A special committee has studied the effects of the increased meal costs and asked the club members to vote on one of these propositions: 1. Stay at the Windsor and pay $2.25 and raise the club dues from $11 to $12 per month. 2. Move to the Starlight Restaurant, 3425 South 1st where food will be served buffet style for $2.00 per meal. No increase in dues but will necessitate moving from downtown area. 3. Move to the Downtowner Motel where food will be served buffet style for $1.75 with a guarantee that there will not be an increase before Oct. 1. No increase in dues. The special committee recommends plan 3. to become effective on Mar. 1. After seeing that the Clubs were about to leave the Windsor, the management announced a few days ago that the price of the plates would remain at $2.00, so we stay at the Windsor!
  • Bob Neimann is the Pancake Super General Chairman. The date for the supper is March 31. This year the Pancake supper will be at the new Taylor County Coliseum. Here provisions are made to seat 1000 persons at one sitting. Ticket sales kicked off on March 11 using the Apollo Flight as a theme for selling tickets for 50c, the same price charged since the beginning of the supper. The 50c ticket this year is for one serving only. After the first week 4,800 were sold. Bob Niemann reported the net profit to be $4,322.13.
  • Abilene Boys Ranch was awarded $1000 to help replace hogs that had died as the result of a killing disease that got into their herd.
  • It is the practice of the club to send flowers when a member is. hospitalized or death hits a Kiwanian's family. Family members usually mean spouse, children and parents of the Kiwanian.
  • The New Member Honor Roll is still being used to recognize Kiwanians that have recruited a new member.
  • Bill Williams continues to lead the singing as he has done for several years. Bill is the Asst. Supt. at Abilene State School
  • Dr. J. N. Baker, President of the new Texas State Technical Institute in Sweetwater, was the speaker at the Annual Vocational Student recognition program. Plaques were presented to 15 students.
  • Dr. Thomas Kim, recently selected President of McMurry College was the speaker at the Top Ten Scholastic Student Recognition Program on May 1
  • For the first time the club has elected a president and a president-elect. This is to conform with changes required by International. Bob Hitt was elected President and Jerome Vannoy was elected President-Elect. Bob Hitt and Joe Smith were both chosen to be delegates at the International Convention in Detroit.
  • The sale of Patron Tickets for the U.S. Marine Band Concert started on June 24. Two years ago, the club cleared $1800 as a sponsor of this concert.
  • Unknown Kiwanians arranged for the Club Secretary, Sid Pass to be called by a local Mens Clothing store and directed him to appear at his store. It all ended up with Sid going out with a new suit, shirt and tie courtesy of these unknown Kiwanis friends.
  • Sid Pass was selected to be the Club's representative at the Honor America Day in Washington, DC. Kiwanian Ed Wishcamper, President of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce Joe Humphrey from McMurry, Gene Allen and Robert Brewster from Key City Kiwanis Club also went to this event.
  • A group of Kiwanians went the Stamford to start the process of organizing a club there.
  • The club provided a $150 student scholarship in the Abilene Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • The club again is sponsoring the School Safety Patrol and spent $600 on dowels, patrol flags, belts to be used in twenty-one elementary schools in the city.
  • Carl Gandy, manager of the new Civic Center told the clubs about this new facility at a regular meeting. Texas-Oklahoma District Convention is scheduled to be here and use this fine new center in 1972.
  • There was no regular meeting on Sept 23 because of the United Fund Banquet at the Taylor County Coliseum. Former Governor John Connaly was the speaker.

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