Kiwanis Motto: Serving the Children of the World
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James H. GriggsPresident
David L. AdamsVice President
J. O. CummingsVice President
R. C. WheelerVice President
Sid E. McKinneyImmediate Past President
Burl KingTreasurer
Sid E. PassSecretary
Hadden R. AndersonDirector
John KarrDirector
Elmo CureDirector
Jim MillermanDirector
Lamar H. Moore JrDirector
W. R. SivelyDirector
Forrest TippenDirector
George StoweDirector
James D. MurpheyDirector
  • The new officers were inducted by Lt. Gov. Marshall Prior of Sweetwater, assisted by Dr. Rex Kyker, District Governor-Elect.
  • President Jim Griggs received outstanding acclaim for the address he made in which he outlined his fourteen objectives and goals for the club year 1966.
  • Membership cards were delivered to all members at the first meeting of the year.
  • Pancake Supper plans got under way with Moody Durham as general Chairman at the beginning of the new Kiwanis year. It was agreed that the tickets would continue to be sold for 50 cents in spite of the rising costs of materials. Sales goal is 12,000 tickets for the big event scheduled for March 29. Ed Wishcamper is the general ticket sales Chairman. Total tickets sold were 13,261 with a gross income of $6,934. The "200 Club" members are Chuck Moser, Lamar Moore, John Thomas, James Bailey, H. L . Skinner, George Stowe, Clive Pierce, Bert Chapman, Ed Connley, David Adams, and Homer McPherson. They all sold in excess of 200 tickets. Lamar Moore sold 1850 tickets, Clive Pierce 806, and Hugh Skinner 516.
  • Four out of twelve committees prepared and submitted committee reports for all twelve months last year. They were Education & Attendance, Sam Hill, Chairman; Inter-Club & Fellowship, Paul Miller, Chairman; Boys & Girls, Gerald Adams,Chairman and Vocational Guidance,Hadden Anderson, Chairman.
  • Henry McGinty spoke on February 7 about the Boy Scout Council. He prefaced his address on Scouting by saying, "This is not intended to be an inspirational address. You receive inspiration when you go to church and when your wife talks to you."
  • The Membership Committee under leadership of Hugh Skinner, Chairman, is organized into nine teams with a goal of increasing the club membership by 15 by the end of the year. To do this we will have to propose 100, and induct 40 to have a net gain of 15. The membership Committee is meeting weekly to keep the ball rolling. The Club has been loosing membership for the last six years. Year end totals have been 1960 - 170 members, 1961 - 167, 1962 - 165, 1963 - 159, 1964 - 147, 1965 - 146. net loss 24. The final result of this committee's work showed 60 approved for membership, 28 inducted, 13 deletions, net gain 15. Ten of these deletions moved from Abilene and only 3 are still in the city.
  • The Board of Directors reviewed the policy on program committee luncheon expense. The policy as established several years ago whereby the lunch for the Program Committee will be at Club expense. This was so this committee would have adequate time to provide good programs for the club. It was agreed to continue this practice.
  • The Valedictorians and Salutitorians of the five High Schools in Abilene were recognized and honored at the Club meeting on May 18, 1966. Each was awarded appreciation plaques. Kiwanians played hosts to these honored students. Dr. Elwin Skiles, President of HSU brought the address. Students so honored were from Abilene Christian High School, Abilene High School, Catholic High School, Cooper High School, and Woodson High School. This has since become a tradition in the Kiwanis Club of Abilene.
  • About 50 Kiwanians attended the Gum Ball Breakfast at the Starlight. This was the kick-off to secure more locations for gum ball machines. Jim Binion concluded his sales talk by saying, "Selling is a little like hog calling. It is not the noise you make, but the appeal of your voice."
  • The first European Kiwanis Club was organized in Vienna in May 1963.
  • The attendance committee developed a list of absentees which was turned over to the members to follow up on and see why they were absent and encourage their attendance and club involvement.
  • The traditional Football Coaches day was observed on August 31. Football Coaches recognized were David McWilliams, Abilene High School, Merrill Greene, Cooper High School, Les Wheeler, Abilene Christian High School, and Buddy Fornes, McMurry College.
  • The Club presented J. Neil Daniel for the position of Lt. Gov., Division 12. Bert Chapman and Joe Smith are running his campaign and are getting good support. He was elected at the district convention in Fort Worth, as was Rex Kyker elected District Governor.
  • The first "Kiwanian of the Year" award was presented to Hugh Skinner at the Ladies Night Banquet.

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